Balance Therapy


Balance is central to our daily lives. Every time we sit, rise, and walk, our muscles and joints should work in synchronization to maintain equilibrium.

When balance is compromised, quality of life deteriorates. Fall risk increases. Job performance suffers. Fear of taking a tumble keeps us pinned to a chair, unable to visit friends or attempt exercise. Inactivity perpetuates in a vicious circle, leading to ever-worsening health outcomes.

The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center applies state-of-the-art technology to correcting imbalance and its consequences. Our HUR iBalance machine offers the latest in balance restoration techniques in a safe, user-friendly manner. The machine helps restore range of motion, proper weight shift, and stabilization using computer game-style exercises that stimulate the brain, build core strength, and retrain muscle memory.

When patients step onto the HUR iBalance machine, they stand on a low-rise platform, much like a doctor’s office weight scale, while holding comfortable handlebars for stability. Under the skilled guidance of the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center’s trained therapists, here’s how it works:

  • Sensors alert the clinician to the source of imbalance problems in the patient’s stance and gait patterns.
  • The clinician chooses from a variety of interactive activities targeting the patient’s specific needs. Patients interact with a monitor that leads them in taking the proper steps and stances needed to overcome balance deficiencies.
  • Results of every session are logged, allowing clinicians to monitor progress and build on improvements from one session to the next.






People of all ages can encounter balance issues that hamper full functioning. Shook Home services are available for adults 18 and over.


Age-related imbalance occurs as the body’s joints and muscles deteriorate. Other causes can strike at any time. They include neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, the compression of the spinal cord known as spinal stenosis, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.


At the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, balance therapy is a key element in the treatment and recovery plan of many patients. Our approach includes:

  • Fall prevention: Falls caused by imbalance can have serious consequences. The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center’s therapists detect the source of imbalance problems and teach patients weight-shifting and stepping strategies to intercept themselves if they feel a fall coming.
  • Fall recovery techniques: Balance therapy’s main goal is preventing falls, but it also offers a safe, secure setting to practice recovering from falls when they occur. The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center balance patients can go through mock scenarios, learning how to get themselves off the floor while remaining calm and preventing further damage.
  • Retraining muscle memory: Athletes know about muscle memory to perfect their golf swings or baseball pitches, but even non-athletes utilize muscle memory in everyday life. When poor muscle habits lead to mobility and balance problems, it’s time to build body awareness and retrain the muscles into productive patterns of functioning.
  • Pain relief: Pain and imbalance are interconnected because both can be caused by disruptions in the muscles and joints. The Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center’s balance therapy helps patients find relief from pain in the feet, ankles, back, knees, and even shoulders.

Using the HUR iBalance machine and other research-based techniques, the Shook Rehabilitation & Wellness Center therapists help patients stay motivated on the road to reaching their goals and achieving improved balance, coordination, and independence.