Corona Virus Visitation Changes

Visitation Changes

Effective 3/10/20, in an effort to protect our residents from COVID19, our facility will be implementing screening and restriction practices.

All visitation is highly discouraged in totality.

Visitation will not be permitted if:

  1. You have traveled to the list of restricted countries as identified by the CDC,will be asked to not enter the building for 14 days after having been to that country.
  2.  You have been in contact with any person diagnosed with COVID19 or who is suspected to have COVID19 will be asked to not enter the building for 14 days after contact with said person.
  3. If you have used public transportation such as planes, trains, cruise ships,subways, or attended any large event (e.g. professional sports venue or concert).

I realize this may be an inconvenience, but it is for the safety of our residents, and we hope that you will understand the necessity.

In addition to the above, all visitors and vendors will be required to be screened at the front desk. You will have your temperature checked and be asked if you are having any respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough and/or sore throat) when signing in. Anyone with a temp of 99.5 or above and/or experiencing respiratory symptoms will be asked to leave and may return when no longer febrile or symptomatic.

In the event you must visit, visitation will be restricted to the hours of 9-11am. and 1-2pm. daily.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our residents safe from infection.


Jeffrey Truhan, Administrator Karen Varney, RN, ADON, IP